Tasty Treats in Houlton at Cooking Demo

UPDATE: As of Thursday evening (the 18th), this event has been moved to Sunday October 21st, due to poor expected weather conditions on Saturday. At this time, I will be unable to make the rescheduled event, due to prior commitments. … Continue reading

Hearty Zucchini Bread

It’s that time of year. The time when larger-than-life zucchinis weasel their way into your yard, your pantry, your every waking thought. Every year, the excitement over such a glorious bounty is quickly replaced with fears that despite your best … Continue reading

Parsley Semolina Pasta

I’ve started to reap the fruits of my labor in my small raised bed garden. Delicious sweet sugar snap peas, little cucumbers, Swiss chard, spinach, and wonderful reddish lettuce have all made their way into my kitchen and onto the … Continue reading

Delicious Mexican Cuisine at Eastport’s Bank Square

Earlier this month, I spent a weekend in and around the Downeast Maine town of Eastport. Downeast is successful at attracting tourists interested in the quintessential coastal Maine experience, and Eastport is no exception. Lobster boats patrol the waters, and … Continue reading

Carolina-Style Barbecue Sauce

Last week I provided a recipe for slow-simmered Collard Greens¬†flavored with garlic scapes and bacon fat. Collard greens are a terrific side dish, especially when paired with something as delectable as a half rack of ribs. We purchased our ribs … Continue reading

Collard Greens With Garlic Scapes

As far as nutritional foliage is concerned, collard greens seem to be the ultimate in comfort food. Served as a side to Carolina-style smothered ribs (recipe to come next week), well-cooked collard greens act as a flavorful addition that offer … Continue reading

Join Me For Cool Scoops: An Ice Cream Making Workshop

Due to current goat hardships at Took a Leap Farm, this course has been put on hold. Stay tuned… Love ice cream? Looking to learn how to wow your family and friends with delicious no-fail ice cream recipes? Look no … Continue reading

Homemade Aquavit

Whether you spell it aquavit, akvavit, akevitt, or akvaviitti, this ‘water of life’¬†spiced hard liquor is traditional to Scandinavia, and dates back centuries. Distilled from either grain or potatoes, aquavit is then flavored with a wide variety of spices and … Continue reading